Monday, January 31, 2011

The Chase Film

To build excitement around the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, Intel is launching an action-adventure video titled "The Chase." The spot demonstrates the performance capabilities of the new processors by creating an action-movie style chase sequence that takes place through a wide variety of program windows on a computer desktop.

Siberian Micro-Art

Russian artist Vladmir Aniskin makes amazing artwork...that's only visible under a microscope.

Meet Luke Skywalker

Here is a creative poster ad by Disney.  The sign says “Meet Luke Skywalker” and of course who do we see in the line?  Darth Vader.  Adding a little humor always helps.

Creative Shopping Bags

Shopping bags can be one of the greatest ways to advertise your business and brand.  When you think about it you have someone carrying something around with your name on it and people are always curious where someone has been.
Here are some creative ways companies have tried to use shopping bags to market their brand.

Axe vs Old Spice

The deodorant wars continue as Old Spice has become hugely popular with their viral commercials.  Here you have Axe, a competitor of Old Spice, counter with an aggressive billboard add campaign.

Plastic Surgeon Business Card

Here is a creative business card used by a plastic surgeon.  Tasteless?  Some may say yes but definitely visually persuasive to anyone looking

Coke Zero Inverted Pyramid Ad

Coke inverted pyramid display by Leo Burnett. Sales increased in 13% since the installation of the stands.

Karate School Sign

Here is a creative karate school sign that is very simple yet relates to what the business does.  Humor is a great way to get your message across to people.

Ripple Effect Table

Ripple Effect Table
“It works with thin water layer(2mm) on black glossy table top. Ceramic plate is hallow so that it can float on the thin water when the cup is not on the plate.
Weight of cup makes plate sink and creates ripple.”

Environmental art exhibition

1,000 little ice men protest about global warming.

The COCKtail

Yes, the COCKtail

Panasonic Music Note Earphones

Here is a good way to market earphones by Panansonic, make the packaging resemble what the customer is interested in, music.

New Spice - Study like a scholar, scholar

New Spice | Study like a scholar, scholar

Shattering Door by Leandro Erlich

Shattering Door is a piece of art by Leandro Erlich

Provocative Magazine Ad – See What You’ve Been Missing

Here is a provocative magazine ad for a dating service that pushes the envelope on what is considered socially acceptable in advertising.  Does it push things too far?  You decide!

Here is a creative Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole movie Ad

Here is a creative Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole movie Ad

Lipton Tea Bag Bag

Lipton Tea Bag Bag

Evian Live Young Shirt

Evian Live Young Shirt

Hair Removal Billboard Ad

A hair removal billboard ad shows uses extreme humor to people’s sensitive nature towards their vanity

Fed EX Mural Ad

Here is a creative ad by Fed Ex and shows a mural of the world in which “neighbors of the world” can deliver their packages to one another.
The personal closeness ads an effective touch to the ad.

Don't Talk and Drive Ad

This Indian ad warns about talking on the cell phone and Driving. It is a very graphic ad to relay the graphic nature of the consequences.

History of Art

History of Art

Creative Max Factor Mascara Ad

This Max Factor mascara ad changes when it rains simulating the effect that you won’t get by using Max Factor

Creative McDonalds Breakfast Sandwich Newspaper Ad

Here is a creative newspaper ad from McDonald’s for their breakfast sandwich.  People always want to do what everyone else does right?  People always read the newspaper in the morning right?  Well this newspaper ad takes advantage of of our tendencies and exploits it in a creative way.

Creative Gym Ad

Here is a creative gym ad that uses part of the environment to insinuate abs

Collapsible REK Bookcase

Here is a unique collapsible bookcase by REK.  The design is certainly a piece of art and can also be space saving when needed.

Ikea Subway Display in Paris

Here is a great idea by Ikea, integrating their product into everyday things such as…the subway seats.  As you can see unique and out of the ordinary ideas like this get noticed and make an impact even on non target groups.  Something like this can be considered advertising in the form of art.  You can see more here

Via Uno Shoe Collection

From Brasil comes Via Uno who specialize in many fashions such as woman’s footwear. 
Here is an ad from Via Uno showing how provocative shoes can be, or at least associated with.

Rainbow Book

This book started as a personal project in summer 2007, and was soon published from a Japanese bookstore “Utrecht”. It’s a flipbook, but rather than seeing animation, it creates a 3D rainbow in your hand. Since being published it has been featured on Japanese TV, Newspapers, major news & blogsites like yahoo news, coolhunting and fffffound. This book won this years NY ADC silver cube.

Artistic Spiral Sink

Artistic Spiral Sink

German Butt Ad

Looking for a job?  You can find one here at this German event…Butt is this ad effective?

Bubble Tea Ad

Here is a local bubble tea ad that directs its attention towards the younger crowd with its use of sexual humor which younger people may find appealing.  The ad sure is targeted to the right group with it’s “The Joys of sucking on balls” – being the tapioca balls in the bubble tea, but does it work?  If you can get a laugh out it sure, you’ve associated the joys of consuming your product.

Samurai Vodka

Great bottle design by Samurai Vodka helps create buzz by the shear uniqueness of it.

Anti-Human Trafficking Ad

Anti-Human Trafficking Ad

Jeans Bus Ad

The caption reads “At this moment your bum is completely exposed.  If you were is a sexy pair of jeans it would attract attention all the time”
This is a somewhat creative way of engaging the reader.  The question then becomes, how many people actually bend down to read it?


This would make a great ad for a chiropractor

Koleston Natural Hair Color

Koleston Natural Hair Color

Horror Section at the Video Store

Here is a creative way to get customers in the right mood before renting a movie.  Simple and effective.

Life’s too Short for the Wrong Job Ad

Life’s too Short for the Wrong Job Ad

Copenhagen Zoo Bus Ad

This Copenhagen Zoo bus ad is bound to increase awareness

Yoga Straw Ad

What’s more creative than incorporating what your business does with a commonly used product such as a straw?

Capricigio Ladies Hairdresser Ad

Here is an ad from Capricigio Ladies Hairdresser of Milan that will turn heads

Lenovo Laptop Seat Ad

Here is a creative Lenovo laptop seat ad on a bus that folds up and folds down in the form of a laptop.  It certainly gets attention from people who use the seats and create brand awareness.

Creative Doritos Hoodie Ad

Here is a creative Doritos hoodie that also serves as an effective piece of advertising.  The hoodie ad works on many effective levels such as creating interest and well as visually and subliminally getting the message across and making you want to open up a bag.

Michelangelo and the Finger of God Elevator Ad

Here is an elevator ad for Dr Kim’s plastic surgery.  It shows Michelangelo and the Finger of God where the elevator button is with the caption “Be Born Again”

Creative Divorce Lawyer Ad

Here is a creatively cruel ad for a Law firm that specializes in divorce. When the elevator doors are closed you see a happily couple on their wedding day. When the doors open you see the couple split up and inside the elevator is the sign for the law firm.

Art Geared Towards the Heart

The subject of many pieces of art often centers towards the heart as the heart is a universal symbol transcending across all cultures and races Here is an interesting piece of art geared towards the heart from a 2005 art competition.

Singaporean Anti-Prostitution Ad

Here is an in-your-face anti-prostitution ad for a law passed in Singapore that helps protect and prevent child prostitution.  It shows a young girl on the left and the same girl aged, once you get out of jail for committing child prostitution crimes.

Bed Case

Here is a creative and ingenious way of using space as art – a shelf and a bed that becomes part of the shelf design

Amazing Fly Ads for the Frankfurt Book Fair

Here is a creative ad promotion by a book publisher at the Frankfurt book fair.  They used flies with tags attached to them to fly around the exhibition and land on people with their message.
The tags were stuck with wax that melted off the flies later on.
1 thing’s for sure that made this promotion effective, the flies got noticed, the tags got even more noticed as to their message and the cost was probably minimal.

Ramm Panty Design Cans

Ramm is a great designer in conceptual packaging designs.  Here are some panty cans

Nestea Drinking Straw Ad

Here is a creative and artistic ad by Nestea made out of straws.

WWF Ocean Levels Billboard

A very creative and interactive billboard that uses the environment to create the rising ocean effect.

Creative Bus Ad Creative Bus Ad

Creative Bus Ad

Escalator Ads

One surefire way to get instant attention for your ads or message is by using non traditional product placement.  Seemingly placing ads that integrate into people’s lives have proven more effective than the more direct approach.  You’ll see today ads integrated into video games, movies, designs and webpages so that it’s part of the product, not separate.
Here we see an innovative escalator ad, that’ll definitely get people’s attention to see what the message is.

Safe Sex Condom Ad

Here is a safe sex condom ad from Europe that uses a gun to signify the dangers associated with unprotected sex.

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